Gaea WP theme. Schmeh.

Edit. Turns out the reviews probably aren’t fake. Every theme here that’s 5+ years old shows only initials and no comments for 5+ year old reviews.

That being said, Gaea is kind of a batch to customize because their code is messy and undocumented.

CSS and Code customizations are entirely on your own and you can not put a bad rating because of that.

Wrong. Here’s why;

  1. I can put whatever rating I like for whatever reason, or none.
  2. The code is the product.

In your first programming course one of the first lessons is how you need to structure, name, and document your code so that others may work on it in the future.

IF I were extending the code I would not be reviewing the functions, classes, etc., that I wrote myself. Sure, that would make no sense - but that’s not what I’m doing. I’m grading it based on what they left us to work with, which is totally legit and fair.

PS cannot is one word.

It’s not possible. Only way to post review is to purchase the items. The issue by your end, you should’ve focused on the ratings those came sometime between 1- 7 years ago, most of them was 4-7 years old.

Next time, don’t forget to check the ratings ( dates ) too

Actually no, it’s still totally possible. Using sockpuppet accounts to buy your own product in a loop is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Costs them in fees, but worth it sometimes. Happens on ebay & amazon all the time.

Anyhow like I wrote in my edit above it looks like it actually is built into the reviews, old ones get reduced to initials.

& thanks but no, I’m going to stick to relying on first-hand advice from humans known to me. Online reviews for anything are way too easily faked/bribed/etc… should be assumed meaningless imo.