FX Box - Real Paint - Stopped Working

I have been using the Real Paint Plug in Photoshop CC 2020, and for the last two days it had been working fine. Then it crashed my program. Now when I try to use it, either through the FX Box or manually (File>Scripts>Browse>Real-Paint-FX.jsx) it fails to complete the action.

I get an error code that says: Error 8800: General Photoshop error occurred. This functionality may not be available in this version of Photoshop. The Command “Select” is not currently available. Line:416

How do I fix this?

I have been running into this issue with all of the actions I’ve downloaded from Envato. But Real Paint was working fine through FX Box and now it’s not.

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i have the same problem
and when i use the fx box
its open a new file and make only 2 layer and then stop

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@gio_tarakji @131702 hi if you get the error 416 is because the Tools have not been installed correctly please check again the provided instructions (you should get a window that asks to Load as Tools)

If you are sure you installed everything correctly try to disable the Graphic Processor under “Edit>Preferences>Performance”

Troubleshooting section:

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Hi there. This information may have helped somebody but it didn’t help me. I have a new iMac Pro with a clean installation of Photoshop CC 2020. Apart from a number of other third party add-ons (eg Nik Collection, Infinite Color etc) the system is uncomplicated.
I installed Orange Box and then Watercolor FX, so far so good and then I got to Real Paint FX.
The actions stall at the third layer. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, re-read the instructions many times and am lost as to what else I can do.
I have created two videos both illustrating the issue but with differing information (for example the second video tries to deal with the poor instructions regarding the .tpl files, which don’t appear to exist with Real Paint FX).
I would appreciate it if someone could review the videos and offer any additional help.
I do not intend to uninstall / reinstall photoshop as a potential solution to the problem.
As someone else has already commented, these things should be easy.
Many thanks in advance.



I should say that I’ve since re-watched the tutorial made by PixImperfect on YouTube and note that the attached screenshot asking you to “load as tools” never appears.

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I also reset my preferences / general / warnings but still did not get the dialog after reinstalling the extension.


hey sorry to hear that, it seems very unusual. Which PS version and Operative System are you on? Please reply to me in my account here so we can talk privately https://graphicriver.net/user/giallo

The “Load as Tools” step is what makes users have problems mostly because they ignore it, or click Load as Brushes.

Restart Photoshop after Resetting the Warning Dialogs, you have to get that for sure.


hey man there’s a bit of confusion here, this is what you should have downloaded from Elements or Graphicriver (I don’t know where you purchased it).

Maybe download it again or check you should have this.

I have an iMac Pro and a MacBook Pro, both running Catalina 10.15.5 using PS 2020.
They have different issues (I have just created a video showing the nasty scenario with the MacBook Pro).
I can no longer uninstall RealPaintFx or the Orange Fx Tool (not good).
What I’d like is a clear set of manual instructions to remove all traces of those in the file system so that I can try to install all over (fresh).
Thanks in advance.

I have all of those folders by the way (GraphicRiver - >900MB zip file) but I don’t think I can proceed any further without being able to completely clear out any references to the Fx Tool and Real Paint FX from the file system.

Actually, after checking again, I don’t have the “Mock-ups and Textures” folder.
I do not want to download it again because I only have low bandwidth (it takes a very long time) and I’ll only get the same zip as I already have.
If someone could provide me with the contents of the “Mock-ups and Textures” folder I would be grateful.
In addition if someone has the knowledge to clear down the Mac file system of anything relating to the FX tool and RPFX that would be great.

I am having issues as well. How do I reset to get the prompt “Load as Tools”? I’ve uninstall program, and rebooted computer. I still can’t seem to get the prompt. I’m on a mac.


I don’t believe that you can easily get back to resetting “Load as Tools”. I have spent many hours trying to fathom this including a very long online chat with Adobe. The standard recommendation is to go to PS preferences / general / reset warnings. I tried that (as well as other things) but it makes no difference on either of my Macs. I also can’t get a definitive answer as to why the “Mock ups & textures” is missing from the 900MB Envato/GraphicRiver zip. An email from Envato informed me that there is only one zip and it is not created by them as they are only the sales front rather than the package maintainer.
Adobe tried to be helpful but since it is a third party product there is a limit to how far one can push their support service.
I would love to have this thing working but alas I think it is time to give up and move on.

Thanks. I think so, too.

there’s a voice for that in the Support Section > https://graphicriver.net/item/animated-real-paint-fx-photoshop-addon-extension/23116581/support

Accidentally clicked “as Brushes” instead of “as Tools”

  • go in the Brushes and delete the Real Paint Fx related brushes
  • double click on the icon that have .tpl extension and choose “as Tools”

If you can’t see the window asking that, go in the Preferences (Ctrl+K) > General and check “Reset Warning Dialogs” Quit Photoshop and Restart.

Install again the assets manually, or Load the FX from the FxBox

Click on Load “as Tools” when asked


On a positive note I’m sure that works for anybody who accidentally clicked ‘as brushes’ by mistake.
In my case I never got the prompt to choose either brushes or tools.
I believe it is because the .tpl (and possibly other required files) is missing from the 900MB bundle zip archive.
It also means that the advice provided won’t work in my case as there are no Real Paint Fx brushes to remove (see screenshot). You will note that the brushes do exist for the WaterColor actions (separate purchase)
I have provided a screenshot of the whole Real Paint Fx bundle package where it is clear that there are no .tpl files.

Same here. I subscribed to Envato specifically for this action and now after the first use, it no longer works. Even after I uninstalled and reinstalled the action (and also reset warnings in PhotoshopI, still doesn’t work.

I downloaded Real Paint FX and Animated Pencil Sketch and I can’t get either one to work. Real Paint only goes about two layers in and then stops. Animated Pencil Sketch seems to be working and then I just have a regular image with a bunch of dots all over it. No “Load Tool Preset” screen appeared for me either. Also, I’ve messaged through the website twice and gotten no response.

If you scroll back through this topic you’ll see that I’ve made several posts and spent hours trying to solve the same problem. It’s a great shame that there is nobody available or prepared to provide answers to two very simple options:

  1. a full directory listing of the known working zip archive (since it is obvious that directories and files are missing)
  2. re-publish the zip archive

If you are not presented with the dialog to choose between brushes or tools, then you have an incomplete zip archive and no amount of uninstalling/reinstalling will make a jot of difference.

Keep pressing for those listings/zip or request a refund. You will not get it to work if you fall under the missing files scenario as I have.

That’s exactly what happened with me !!