Futurustic Neon Cube Splines project rejected

Still cann’t figure out the real reason of reject. What is wrong with this item? Why reviewers doesn’t write reason of reject so we can decide what exactly should we create next time :slightly_frowning_face:.
I’ll left youtube link for this item.

Did you upload this as amotion graphic or as after effects project file

as motion graphic. for background usage

Then I really dont know why its rejected

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The logo at the end is Included with the video or just for the preview ?

just for preview

The background looks good, maybe the reviewers thinks this logo comes with the backgoud or the text, remove the texts and the logo from the preview and re-upload it.

Good luck

ok will try again. thanks for your advice

  1. This is the background. Therefore, he should not distract the viewer. But too fast rotation moving in the transitions places, takes a lot of attention of himself. I’d refuse these rotations at all.
  2. Optical flare in the end of the video move too fast and too strange. It looks unnatural.
  3. «For backgrounds» text block placed too close to the border. This breaks down typography’s rules and does not look professional. I understand that you made the text blocks just for preview. But I’d refuse these text blocks at all.
  4. The logo has a glitch animation. This can confuse the buyer. He will not understand what it is: background or the After Effects logo opener. The same with the text blocks btw

with this criticism you could remove 90% of works from envato stock. its just simple background with two keyframe constant animation speed and time mapping used for only preview video and i noted it in item description. All mentioned points could be solved with soft reject. :frowning_face: