Further tests on Market Search / Category / Home pages

Not good…

know then as the Bible says : who have will be given more ):wink:

How long will this test last?

That’s the best part. We cannot know because they cannot tell us, that’s part of the big test. The big question is not when the data collection ends, but rather will they decide to keep things this way. That’s a bigger concern.

I’m even afraid to think about this!

Hi guys

Relating to our active test on the default sort order on category pages, we want to provide a few more details as we’re seeing a few questions in this thread. The test is currently running on GraphicRiver, AudioJungle, VideoHive and CodeCanyon. We need a certain number of visitors to each variant in the test, in order to have confidence in the results. We expect to hit that number early next week, at which point the default sort order will revert back to newest items.


Thank you for explaining) looking forward when everything is back in place) :slight_smile:


Thanks for reply! Hope next week you will turn this back)

Thanks for reply!

We do not write here simply because no other job …
We are pressed to the wall, because these tests, destroyed our hope, work and incomes on which we rely.
It’s simple to say … Well we just decided to do tests. How many people have to say it !?
These tests are part of a policy which is scary even to think about it.
Perhaps this is the reason то be wrapped in mystery.


Thanks for clarifying the situation up. :blush:

@Rembassio The answer was written above) Why breed demagoguery?)

@trent-aus Thanks for the clarification! :slight_smile:

It would be very interesting what Envato will do with all their results.
We all can see changes in design,search,funcionality and some other things.
I won’t be suprised if they will even change the main pages on marketplaces.
Still,I think that we,authors,should be prepared for something more than just this A\B\C testing.


In this case your new track won’t get good sales in the first week if the default list will be “Trending”. You will be lucky enough to get at least one sale…


Thank you for your reply @trent-aus :slight_smile:

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Your ‘data gathering’ is costing you potentially tens of thousands of daily revenue from newly uploaded items.
Nobody really wants a 3 years old out-dated JavaScript plugin randomly pop-up (check this: https://codecanyon.net/category/javascript)
and neither does someone want any other out-dated content.

Plus, you should realise the fact that new items have absolutely no chance of being taken a look at since they

  1. Do not have any rating or feedback upon launch.
  2. They need at least 3 buyer feedbacks for the feedback to show up (unless something changed)

Get a grip Envato. If you are in need of User Experience engineer or a Product Designer then I would be more than happy to do all that work for you for free, for as long as you don’t have anybody else touch the search algorithm and anything else that will drive the sales of authors of new items down (duh… the vast majority of your authors).

There was a time when the name ThemeForest was synonymous with high quality marketplace both for buyers and sellers. Now, I don’t think that’s the case anymore.

But enough is enough.

P.S. I saw the message above regarding changes reverting to how they were before regarding the sorting and while I am happy about this, this doesn’t necessarily mean that I am fine with the initiative to change the specific functionality in the first place.


What if you think about finding a compromise between bestsellers and new items?

Why, for example, do not consider such an option - to show in the search top a few bestsellers, and below show new items?


My observation during of a few day of the test:

When it shows Best sellers - (The worst) My sales are stopping.
When it shows Newest items (Normal) Sales are in normal mode.
When it shows Best rated - (Good) My sales grow up.

Of course, there are many factors that can affect sales and these ones only what I noticed (but as far as I know I’m not the only one). Just there is the only one sad thing that this test was paid by authors, who has lost the income during these days. I hope it was worth it.


What do you mean “When…” ? I’m not quite get it.

It shows all three options at the same time randomly to different people.