Funny Story - Self-Buying campaign with Flatsome.

Today, I have noticed funny facts on ThemeForest.
The most famous themes in WooCommerce - Flatsome was sold 45 items within 5 mins.

Top sales rate per minutes in the WordPress theme marketplace, I think.
Then is it real sold?
Of course, there is no actual evidence that we can say that it is self-buying. But anyone can predict, if he is not an idiot…
Well, I was really curious why they did that kind of suicide buying.
I have noticed that the biggest competitor - Woodmart is getting ahead of Flatsome’s sales in this week.
And they also noticed, so they made a decision to buying itself.
I am really surprised that how these top trending themes are doing that kind of pathetic behavior to attract customers.
On the other hand, I am really funny with their actions like kids.
By the way, Betheme’s behavior is really like gentle man compared to Flatsome’s action.
( Information: Betheme is punished from Envato, because of several times leaving 5 star review on their theme itself for 4 weeks. Letter to Envato )
And I think these kind of actions are lying to Envato customers should be punished.
Of course everything is my predict from reality, but I think there will be lots of people that have same idea with me. :slight_smile:
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Oh, It’s really.
Previously, I thought Flatsome was the best, but if above is right, it’s a shame that they used such a pathetic marketing strategy.
I think the Envato Team should analysis the sale of Flatsome and they need to coordinate well to make sure the sale runs fair.

I also think Envato team should check.