Funny rejection

This is the message reviewer provide me after submit my item.

"MAIN IMAGE: The main preview needs to be 590px * 300px. I also needs to be prefixed with 01_ (e.g. 01_preview.jpg).

You can provide additional preview images and they must be in JPG format. All images must be named in the order that you want them to appear: e.g. 01_preview.jpg (main preview), 02_home.jpg, 03_about.jpg.“”

After fix this issue reviewer rejected my item. How funny of it. Does that make sense?

please upload you link web preview for we can help u

My opinion that you have errors, texts, error sliders, spacing, you need improvements hierarchy, etc…

you no need more large texts.

You can see other design in themeforest approved for give any idea but don’t copy other design.

Here my html version approved few years ago. And I just make it react.

Give solution only if you know otherwise your solution may be considered as a cause of annoyance.

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Change all #000000 text color to #1a1a1a
The footer logo has contrast problems
The blog title is too close to the description

I’m not sure if a minified html is the best option for a template. What category did you upload this in?

I think site template category for React JS

13 sales in over 3 years of the html suggests there is little to no market value to the item and alone is probably grounds for rejection.

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I understand. So how does a developer build a product and know that it has market value? I think it’s hard to imagine.

  • Modern and unique features and functionality

  • Versatile pages and templates to cover different buyer demographics

  • Modern and premium design quality

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Can you please explain briefly. Or if you have any article link. That would be great help.

The rejection was due to an update of “Corpo-R – Business & Corporate Multipurpose HTML” or have you uploaded the same template in react version in another category? Because in the html category there are several templates that have html and react. :thinking:

No. I uploaded it in html category.