Funny and incredible event about one customer.

One guy bought some tracks five months ago.
Yesterday i found an email from him telling me that he got a new computer and want that i send him these tracks again.
I said that i haven´t those tracks in my computer anymore, i deleted them to get more space in my hdd.
My surprise is, this morning i found a new email saying this;
“Well please send me some new ones to compensate. Thank you.”


You could download original files from your portfolio and send him if you want


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Thank you!!

I told him, but… no, he wants new tracks,… for free!! HAHAHAAHHAH

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He should be able to download his bought items from his envato account anyway, so he doesn’t need to go through you… other than trying to scam you.


What a story!
But you are in the right, so nothing to worry about, in my humble opinion!

Interesting story :). Thanks for sharing.

Ahahah! We are here to compensate!

“Some new tracks” do not seem enough to compensate such issue. Why not to ask for the whole your portfolio for free as the only satisfiable measure (plus adding warm congratulations with new computer).

“Free Files Of The Month” has a new meaning now.

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