Funk has been rejected. Need recommendations.

Hello! I’m a beginner here, I started to study audio stockes a few months ago. Guys need your recommendations. Music is my life. I want to try my hand at this stock. Here is an example of my rejected track. I will be most appreciative if you specifically analyze the volume, effects, transparency and width of the sound.

First things I noticed:

Did you use the actual audio-jungle watermark when you submitted?

The cut-off at 18 seconds sounds like you just cut middle of phrase, it doesn’t work all that well.

Overall the vocalese sounds a little unprofessional, and the mix is pretty harsh on the high-end to me.

It’s a cool groove, but I think it’s just needing a little more professional polishing!

Thank you. 1. When I added to the drain, I certainly used the correct watermark. This is for soundcloud . 2. The beginning is a loop, and then there is a full track. 3 I wanted to overexperiment with the vocals, I also thought that it was a bit tight.

I still ran into the problem of RMS. What volume in general? it seemed to me that everything sounds much louder on audiojungle than on other stocks.

Yeah the general consensus seems to be louder is better for a lot of tracks I’ve listened to… I always try and get mine fairly cranked too :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t believe that louder is better or anything, but when you’re trying to compete between two tracks that are cranked you’re not going to sound good simply by comparison if you’re volume is a lot lower. I think if you can get to around -10RMS you’re in the ball-park for sure.

The loop at the first, I would take that out, you can always include after but it really seems weird to have that at the first and I couldn’t tell if it was part of the track, or what was happening. Typically people present like this: whole track, shorter version, shorter edit, maybe a loop. And make sure that you have all the files labeled properly with times etc… (i got a soft reject for that a couple of times).

If it were me, I’d kill the vocals, start with the whole track, and re-mix so that it’s not quite as harsh on the high-end. But overall it’s a groovin track!

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Thank you very much, I’ll take your advice into consideration and try to change it. By the way, I received a letter without any “soft and hard”. I probably missed something? Loopes, short versions and other composing tracks, always need to upload by individual files to the stock? And also need to connect everything with one file for presentation? I’m sorry very much for my “serious” questions, slowly retracted but then everything goes quickly.) I made a zip file with wave and mp3, and separately mp3Preview.

yeah any shorter edits or loops you want to present need to be added to your zip file as separate items and then labeled accordingly in your description.

See my listing, and i have all the files included labeled with times in the description and then there is separate files in the zip of each.

If you didn’t get any soft/hard in your rejection, it just means it was a hard rejection :slight_smile:

Keep trying man, it took me 2 years on and off before i finally learned enough to get a start! And i’m still really just getting started.

Thanks a lot!) I’ll try it

Its too robotic for funk music