My grandfather passed away on Friday, the Funeral is tomorrow. I was looking around for a nice memorial video title to save time but I really haven’t seen anything. I would picture it as something that lasts a minute or more with a single picture frame and some nice surrounding animation (flourishes, etc) “In loving memory … John Smith 19xx - 20xx”.

There’s so many projects to look through here now, if I’m missing anything, I’d love to hear about it. I could do something nice in a couple of hours but I am really not in the mood. It’s hard just going through the pictures.


One of my dirty secrets is I always turn to PowerDirector for making motion slideshows( Even though the program is a bad (horrible) low end video editor, I’ve never found a faster or easier way to generate motion slideshows. I look at the $100 price of the app as a plugin fee just for being able to make custom motion slideshows very quickly. I tried looking around for a Premiere/AE plugin that would do the same thing for a long time, but only found one worthy plugin and it was around $400. Andrew Kramer actually has a tutorial for making them in AE but it’s all manual and probably takes more than three times the amount of time.

Anyway, it saves me a lot of time. You can see how it works here (starting at 2:30):

If anyone has a better way of doing motion slide shows from inside Premiere or AE, I’d love to hear about it. I always thought it was sad a $100 low end video editor had something to make it easy when $1500 worth of AE/Premiere has nothing at all that isn’t doing it all by hand manually.

Sorry to hear about your grandfather.

This is a very delicate topic so it’s hard to give out suggestions,but the first thing that came to mind was some kind of “picture book” filled with pictures and memories of your grandfather.

I think you could edit to the right length pretty easily.

Also for music this beautiful piece came to mind.

Yeah, thanks. I was thinking about that and also the pages project (which I already bought):

Most of it should be a motion slideshow, but a couple of projects in the middle could really break things up and make it look a lot better.

For intro I was thinking about maybe buying the Scriptool project (, I’ve never had to animate text like that before and it might look nice. Something like that for the text and maybe some flourish animations (got the Flourish pack), with some other elements to site on the title for a good while without it being boering.

I never thought about it before, but you’d think there’d be a big “In loving Memory” opener project demand. I’m really having a hard time working on this today. It would be a lot eaiser if it was someone I didn’t know.


Check your mail please.

Thanks Uniquefx, that was really kind of you.

What I ended up doing for a nice title:

I bought this loop:

I masked out a nice picture of my Grandfather with a little feather to make it look like it was right behind the grass next to the tree, then added “In Loving Memory” with his name and the years right under. Then I used Optical Flares on his picture with the center about where the sun was to cast rotating light rays across the photo. That was actually the first time I used Optical Flares and it made me very happy I had it paid for and installed already.