Fun fact showing 1 sale but 0 actual sales??


Your last sale was 6 days ago mean last week not this week.

It looks like a selling reversal. Because I see 0 sales on your profile. You can check it in the “statement” tab


yes this is the conclusion that I was making too but there should be a line written in the statement if so

Thanks for all the help, there is a reversal in the statement.

as for me I can understand that they get back the money but I tend to believe that taking out the sale is not so very relevant … as u made a sale, if the payment was fraudulent this is not the author’s fault … (I guess they do because of invoicing or accounting matters, though this is too bad for authors …)

I think it’s part of the game. We signed up for it I guess… But the company needs to think about these matters if their policy is going against the authors or clients are misusing something…

the biggest problem is this one, with digital goods, once an item is downloaded , this is lost for authors, it gets out of her / his control, since u have no idea of how people are using the “canceled purchase” or the illegally bought item …