Fun fact says I sold something but I didnt get any money yet

On my dashboard, at the fun fact it says that my last purchase has been 6$ 21 hours ago.
However, i do not seem to have the money in my account of that purchase, nor does it say i have sold yhat particular item.
What happened?


Did you check your statement page? you might got a reversal sale.

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You are right , i had a sale reversal.
What does this mean?

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this is very bad sign, your sale is very likely to be cancelled …


sale reversal Bad Luck! it is not your fault. Actually it has done because of unauthorized purchase (Envato has not received the money for the item).

Don’t worry about it. Go ahead with your next sale.


Many thanks for reassuring me everything is okay, frankly i was a bit worried before.

lol we did not reassure u but told the truth … but next time we may try to please u with telling u a story that u like lol kidding :slight_smile: