Full width images in item description


Hi guys,

As i’m relatively new to audiojungle, i’m constantly adjusting and tweaking stuff.
Yesterday i decided to add “check out my previous track” banners to my items, but run into an issue.

The image is 554px wide by 80px tall, as wide as the item’s description container.
The problem is that, after i save it, the image is rescaled and is not respecting that width, rather displaying 498px wide by 72px tall.

I am familiar with html and css, and i tried to hack it via CSS (which obviously didn’t work), than via HTML. When i save it it simply ignores the width=“100%” attribute, conclusion taken after inspecting the element. If i add the width=“100%” in the inspector, the image pops into place.

I see authors items displaying 100% width images, so what am i missing here guys?
Here is my items page with the image not conforming to full width: http://audiojungle.net/item/cheerful-times/13422791

Thank you in advance!

Cheers :+1: :beers: