FTP uploading problem

Hi. Im doing resubmission, i need to edit my item (soft rejection) by adding new file to it. One time I did it, i aplouded ZIP via ftp, updated the editing page and file appears. I can still see it in window of ftp client. But when i tried to do same thing with enother soft rejection,after uploading on the server and updating editing page file doesnt appears . And more: when i refresh window of FileZilla, it disappeared. Made many unsuccessful attempts. Im sure, that im using right settings, because previous file was uploaded successfully, and i didn`t change enything.
Using host ftp.marketplace.envato.com

Hey, really need help, anybody?

Hey Anipko, did you ever find out what was going on??
I am having the same issue: after I upload the zip file via FTP it disappears.