FTP Upload problem


anybody experiencing ftp upload problems for the last 3 days?

my uploads keep break up.

I’ve had problems getting a connection yesterday, yes. It looked like my upload went through but I’m still wondering if the files are corrupted or not as I’m waiting for the review…

Maybe some devs can take a look at this…

2 days reupload (edit) not working - today my upload is there, so I hope that now everything is OK

No problems uploading, but I experience other FTP issues for last month or so… When I upload some file, it’s supposed to be auto-deleted after 48 hours, right? Sometimes, when more time passes (let’s say 5 days) and I login to FTP again, I see no files exist, which is good. However, when I go to the author’s dashboard and try to edit an existing item, some files (that were uploaded in the past) re-appear. So I have to manually delete them via dashboard (even if FTP is totally empty).