FTP - Certificate Expired


From the past couple of days I’m noticing the warning of Expired Certificate while am uploading music to audiojungle using FTP service via Filezilla. I thought envato will update but they don’t.

Would you please update your Certificate. Thanks

I also have a error when im try to upload video from videohive , file about 550 MB :< , How could We fix it ? :<

I have the same problem, except it keeps appearing every 10-20 minutes or so while the file uploads.
I don’t mind having to click OK and continue if I am seated at the PC, but if I set a large upload for overnight then it’s a problem.
Edit: > It’s gotten unbearable.

I’m wondering if anyone has the option to tick the Check Box for “Always Trust certificate in future sessions”?
Mine is grayed out.

Hello. Please open a Help ticket at the Envato Help & Support Center if you haven’t done so already. Our Help team will be happy to check into it for you. Thanks!

Thanks Hevada, already submitted one.
Hopefully others have too so that they see the problem.