FTP API login problems

I’m trying to upload via FTP to upload large 4k video clips. The directions for creating an API for FTP login are vague.

I made an API, then used it as the password. I followed the directions below but doesn’t seem to work. Advice?

Open your FTP client and enter the following details:
Host: ftp.marketplace.envato.com
Username: [your Envato Market username]
Password: [your Envato Market API key]
Port: 21
Click ‘Connect’ or your FTP client equivalent.
Drag your files into the upload area of the FTP client. Do not place your files in the folder marked “bulk_import”.
Wait for your files to process, and then close your FTP client.

Hey just an update, I figured this out. The API has to be generated through the settings drop down menu under my username. There is another way to create an API, but it will not log in.

Might be really helpful to have a clean page about API FTP login, because this page linked to API info that didn’t seem to help. I think you could just add the info about generating an API under settings…https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202500674-How-to-upload-using-FTP

I think i got the same problem has you…but i did not figured it out!!! Can you help me…whats the drop down menu ? :smile: