Front Page Takeover

I thought this sort of thing wasn’t supposed to happen? One person has taken over most of the front page with their items. Maybe I was wrong, but I thought that if an author submitted multiple similar items, and all were accepted at the same time, only one of them would be shown on the front page, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

Even after refreshing the page to see the newly accepted items, it’s still doing the same thing. Maybe it’s normal, but I haven’t seen this happen before.

check VH section, you’ll be impressed more.
I realy cant understand how its possible and were passed through review system.

@XioxGraphix hi buddy did u experience the same as me pls? my public folder previews are gone … i can’t understand … is this the same for u?

Yea, I have the same issue.

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thank u buddy , i was worried that something went wrong … it looks like that maybe some of their servers are temporarily down or something …

They seem to be back now.

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sure, fortunately enough :slight_smile: