Front page not updating in Firefox

Since the lastest wordpress my front page doesn’t update in Firefox. I am using Udesign theme.

A hard refresh updates it temporarily but then it goes back to the previous page view that doesn’t include the most recent blog post. Tried clearing the history and cookies, emptying the cache. Don’t have any cache plugins so not really sure what else to do.

It seems fine in Chrome and android.

The site is


I did a test with browserling and it seems all browsers don’t show the most recent post on the front page. When I did a hard refresh on chrome it did update but not on firefox. I’ve purged the cache and it only temporarily fixes it.

Contact the theme author for support if it’s related to the theme

Hi @mizpahmatus,

Maybe you can check if your server has some CDN currently working, or some cache plugin, and you can purge them. See if this works for you.
I also have those issues with chrome, and it happens almost times with images. If i change an image, but the image keeps the same name, than the browser won’t refresh the page, and I always need to clear browsers cache.
Strange issues with browsers… :stuck_out_tongue:

Best regards.