Front Page design feedback.


Because I received a hard reject last time, I decided it was time to take a slightly different tactic.

I devoted a few months of work to the last theme and I can not afford to spend so much time without sense. I understood that in the context of graphic skills I have a big road ahead.

Therefore, I decided that in the new project I will prepare only the front page and I will ask you for feedback. The site is not responsive and generally the links do not work. I decided that it makes no sense to create anything further because maybe the graphic design itself is poor. I want to do it step by step, and coding something that is ugly is a waste of time.

Achieving the right level that is required here may be too difficult for me for now (some projects are really great!) and maybe I need a lot of time before I achieve something like that.

Well, but to do it, I have to act!

If someone wants to get feedback about this project, thank you very much. (I remind you that it is not responsive, we only evaluate the desktop version and only the Front Page).

Website ( Is there any potential or complete disaster? )

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile: