Front-end sharing of books, articles and videos

I cannot seem to find what I exactly want/need, so I hope someone could point me into the right direction.

What I want to achieve is the following. I have a WordPress website, where I want others to share their book and/or article suggestions via a front-end solution. So for example, John Doe has read a great book on trains in the United States. He wants all of us to know about this, so he goes to the website, presses the “Add Book” button and can there search for the book (f.e. based on author and/or title). John can rate the book, add his comments and also choose some tags. When submitted, this gets posted to an overview page where everybody sees nothing more than the author, title, picture and his recommendation. Others can upvote the book if they agree with the recommendation. In addition, everyone should be able to comment.

In addition, I would also have others to be able to share all other interesting links they have. Differing from interesting articles, to cool websites and funny video’s on YouTube. Also with the option for others to comment and/or upvote.

As said, this should be handled from the front-end of the website.

Is there a plug-in or theme which could provide the above? Many thanks in advance for your replies! :slight_smile: