Front-End Filters for CPTs and Taxonomies?

So, I’ve got a lot of CPTs (Custom Post Types) and Taxonomies. Creating them isn’t too hard, displaying theme is too bad either. Adding back-end filters are not an issue for me either.

However, I’m at a loss how to offer a client friendly way to build / modify front filters that dynamically affect how my CPT data is shown on any given (non-logged in) visitor facing page.

An example would be WooCommerce’s Products (which is a non-hierarchical custom post type). The included layered navigation widget simply is too limited as is the ajax counterpart sold separately as an extension IMO.

So far, the only thing that’s potentially that I’ve found that’s capable enough is this: - though it’s expensive / complicated but powerful.

Surely, this can’t be the only plugin solution (commercial or not) for building Front-End filters, is it? If you’re aware of something that makes building functioning interfaces for end-user / visitor filters simple, I’d like to hear about it.

If there’s simply nothing out there, then that’s seems like a ripe opportunity for some CodeCanyon author to make a tidy sum potentially.

Thanks in advance to anyone who responds. :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m currently working on WP Filtering plugin, hope to release it by the end of February.

I see. Any chance I could beta test this before hand? Contact me through me profile if so.

Will it allow to display an array of checkboxes, (for example as a sidebar widget) for each of the terms of a given taxonomy? Then the posts that matched the taxonomy terms that were checked would control what was shown.

All check box choices that no longer make sense would be hidden as you checked certain boxes and there would also be a “Reset All Filters” button or some such.