Front end developer partner required

Hi everyoe,
We need a proffessional front end developer working on html and react to be a permanent partner with me.

Here is the project link that we will develop on:

Note: Clean code and design quality needed.

The profite is 50%

How will be the partnership deal? Is the developed item will be uploaded from your profile or from the partners profile?

The profits will be divided between us, fifty to fifty.
We will develop my item, so sure it will be on my profile!

If you develop your item, why do you need a front-end developer?

You misunderstood me, I mean the developer will work on my item at the front end.

We have a qualified developer who are currently working on Envato [ThemeForest]. We can reffer to their portfolio. But if you’re able to make a fixed pre-payment for each of your item, we can discuss in details. Because if the developed item sales remain poor, the time of the developer will be waste.