From the Top: Adobe InDesign for Beginners

This is a brand new Envato Tuts+ course by @danlovesadobe —use this thread to post your results from the lesson exercises and get feedback!

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How can i get a certification for this course.

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I’ve just started the Youtube tutorial for InDesign – it’s great. But I’m doing something wrong and need help.

In the beginning (about color), when I select the box I made, click on “contour” (I’m in France), and choose a color, the frame color doesn’t change. I can change the fill-in color, but not the frame. The upper left frame drawing in the little color window reflects my choice, but the page does not. Am I missing a validation step? SOS please!

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Hi @Melissa301, welcome to the Tuts+ forum! Your question is one for @danlovesadobe I think. Hopefully he’ll be able to help :slight_smile:

Me again … I tried to figure it out. When I choose a very wide frame I see the colour change as per the video instructions. I think that when the frame is so fine (1 pt.) my screen doesn’t show the change accurately or my eyes aren’t keen enough to register it. Does this make sense to those in the know?

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Hey Melissa, try add a stroke (contour) size to your box. Make it large to see if it’s working or not (5px). Another thing might be that you need to have your box selected first. Use the black arrow to click the edge first. See if that helps.


How can i change the language in indesign. I have a problem keeping up while having to translate the therms used in the videos.

Hi - I am taking the InDesign for Beginners tutorial on Youtube. I’ve come to the place where we are re-sizing images. I have tried every combo possible but still only re-sizing the frame. I’ve tried Shift/Command, Shift alone, Shift Alt - I’ve made sure my cap locked isn’t on. Nothing except transform-scale changes the size of the image. I am using Mac (with a PC keyboard since Mac doesn’t make ergonomic keyboards). Any suggestions??? Thanks!!!

I found my answer in Adobe’s help - This works great. Clicking on the content grabber was the missing step in the video tutorial.

Click the frame with the Selection tool. The donut-shaped Content Grabber icon appears at the center of the frame.

To freely resize the art, click the Content Grabber. A brown frame appears around the artwork. Shift-drag a corner handle of the frame to resize the artwork proportionally.

I had the same problem. But the solution for me, on a PC, was under Frame Fitting, I needed to uncheck the Auto-Fit box. I hope this helps anyone else who is stuck. Excellent tutorial, BTW!

Hi there,
Just completed the course on Youtube and want to post my PDF here – unfortunately it’s telling me that new users can’t upload files. Any idea how long I keep “new user” status for?

I am new and to the course and class building now what I found out are badges but I have tagged and posted to my Instagram. super supportive hands on learning is really helping with relearning my steps to getting good back at illustrator again.