From the Top: Adobe Illustrator for Beginners

Hey @danlovesadobe! Here’s my 2.5 Exercise: Draw a Custom Logo

This one was more difficult for me, but I cobbled something together.


Hey @danlovesadobe,
I’m moving right along and I definitely like the Curvature Tool better than the Pen tool. Here’s my assignment
2.6 How to use the Curvature Tool
2.6 How to use the Curvature Tool

Thanks again,

i love this so much haha
the frown is so perfect!

You can not find your Exercise files ? Do you remember the name that you saved them in?

Farely new to Illustrator, but I need to learn everything about it now, as I will be working with Marketing and all video and picture editing in a soon future. Been working with IT the past 10 years, so its farely easy for me to catch the logic behind the behavior in picture editing. I love your videos!
This is my first try after the penguin, to draw from another drawing - I am so proud!!! But Ian - I messed up, because I didnt thought about, and draw everything with the Arc tool hahaha!! So now I cant color anything, because its not made out of “boxes”! I just still wanted to show you my first result which I am so proud off!
I will make the Camp drawing again today, with the right boxes, and NOT the ArcTool all the way!
Its so interesting to follow all your videos!

Now Ive made it the right way, and sorry its not an animal! :wink:

Hey @danlovesadobe
Thanks for the amazing tutorial! Here is my version of the penguin

And the 1st exercise

Curvature tool coloring exercise


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This is my first time working with Illustrator. I am passionate about art and have been wanting to learn digital art for sometime now, thank you for your amazing video. I’m attaching some files I have created. (P.S. it’s not an original, it’s inspired)

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I decided to leave some strokes in there. Would love some feedback from you!

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WOW, @danlovesadobe - I know this course is not brand-spanking-new, but I’m new to your content, and this Illustrator for Beginners course was perfectly paced, well constructed and just right.

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i like it. this frown is so perfect
also i am learning it…

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Thanks for the feedback! It’s always great to hear.

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Yes, Adobe Illustrator can be learned on your own. Today, there are many self-taught graphic artists. They learn through online resources such as tutorials and books.

You will not be able to find your exercise files? Do you remember the name that you saved them in.