From refund request to 5-star review

Hi, everyone!

After selling almost 700 licenses of my WordPress plugin WavePlayer, I wanted to share with all of you my latest success story of turning a refund request into a 5-star review (which also happens to be the 60th review of all time for this plugin, with all of them being 5-star reviews!).

This user was contacting me because, apparently, the plugin was not working “out of the box”, as she would expect. Without providing me any further information about her or her website, other than a screenshot of how my player looked on her website, she concluded her email with the following question:

If this is something that’s easy to fix, I’m willing to do that – but unfortunately, when I spend $20 on a plugin, I typically expect it to work right out of the box. Would it be possible to issue a refund?

Even before replying to her email, I searched for her email online and found her website, where I noticed that another audio player plugin was generating some errors in the console. I decided to reach out, trying to inform her about the situation. She definitely appreciated my proactiveness and we exchanged a few emails where not only did I help her track down the source of the conflict but I also suggested some other general improvements to make her website faster, more streamlined and more efficient.

Result: happy customer!

She ended up leaving a 5-star review within 48 hours from her initial refund request, writing:

Not only is this a beautiful plugin, but the customer service was so much better than I’ve ever experienced from a plugin dev. Luigi went out of his way to look at my website configuration and troubleshoot the issues I was experiencing, pinpointing the source of the problem and getting Wave up and running. I can’t recommend Wave enough to anyone who wants to share their music on their website!

I hope you like this story! :slight_smile:


Congrats. :slight_smile:

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I feel you mate I was in the same situation 4 months ago

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