From 3600px x 3600px to 590px

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I have a little problem and I need some advice, I have prepared my mock-up files 3600x3600 px. But in the presentation files I have to redimension to 590, how can I redimension without losing resolution.
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Save 3600x3600px as jpg
Open new document 590 wide, place your saved jpg in this document and save as jpg again

The best way is to turn it into a smart object, and then scale down, or better still turn the area in your display template into a smart object, so it speeds that up next time.

You can Google SM, but a smart object is the best way to scale something huge like your one, down to 590, while retaining as many pixels as possible.

PS it isn’t foolproof and some touchup may be required.


Thank you for the suggestion I hope it will be ok.
Have a great day

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