Freelancing with Videohive

Hello guys !

I wanted to know that how freelancing works for Videohive . By that I mean to say that if a buyer wants some custom work for a project then how is the fee for the custom project received . In other words , is it that our Envato account is credited or we need to contact the buyers privately for that .


You will need to contact the buyer privately, if he/she decides to hire you for a job, just like any other freelancing job. People are hired all the time to customize templates, regardless if they own that template or not, and the payment for their services has no direct relation to videohive, just that the person who is contacted for the job will need to purchase an extended license of the template they have to customize

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This bit’s not true (unless the client will be charging people to watch the end product), but apart from that, Voxyde has provided sound advice.

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Thanks a lot to both of you for your advice

The client has already bought the regular license for it and I think then I don’t need to buy it again in order to work as this will be the end product and he won’t be selling it elsewhere .

Aye i thought that if you’re selling the template to a client you need an extended license? Guess i was wrong

No problem , thanks for the advice again :smile:

No… in that case, you’re just passing the single license on to a single client. As long as that client is just using the end product for marketing or similar, i.e. free to view, then it’s just a standard license.

The extended license is if the end product is going to be sold to multiple people. For instance, if your animation is used as part of a game that will be sold to people, or if your design is used on a T-shirt that’s going to be sold in shops.

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I need to know if anyone (lets say a video production company) buys a template and wants to sell the end product (in a video format) to multiple clients then do they have to buy the license every single time they sell the end product to every new client .

Got it, thanks!

For templates:

If each time they sell it to a new client, they perform a new customization of it, then they need to buy a new single license for every client they customize it for.

If we’re talking about a single customization that’s going to be sold multiple times… i.e. a printed T-shirt, a DVD, a game you download from the app store… that’s where you need the extended license.

Thanks for the information , it made things clear for me .