Freelancer type theme

Any themes here similar to or

Looking for a directory/services type theme, but one that holds the funds on behalf of both parties, then releases them once job is complete.

Please don’t send me “i can build it for you” replies.

My question is very clear. Asking for a ready made theme, not your services.


You won’t find it out the box. Those are multi million $ directories and as such won’t exist in a stock marketplace

There may be plugins out there that can help with that type of payment process but these would need to be carefully integrated with a suitable directory site (not a job for someone without experience).

I am also pretty sure that there are legal business considerations that need to be in place for a site to offer that type of system or else there would need to be some pretty robust 3rd party agreement with a handler

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Hello. If you would like to discuss, you can get in touch here.

Yes of course , you can buy 9.99$. This month they have sale.