Freelance requirements

Hello! Must I have a VAT number to be considered a freelancer? I ask this because I read that you can only transfer a license to someone if you are a freelancer (License FAQ | ThemeForest) and generally this is not possible. In Italy you can work for someone as “occasional performance” so it’s not mandatory to have a VAT number if under certain requirements. I should make a website and then transfer it to my client’s domain.


If you are creating a website for a client using a theme or wordpress theme, and do not intend to stick around to support your own client, then it would be best to get your client(s) to buy the themes directly so they get the support for the theme.

Otherwise as a “client” who did not originally purchase the theme, they will always have to rely on you for updates and maintenance.

You cannot transfer the licence to another user.

Ok, but in the FAQ there is the point no. 1 that says something different. I’m freelancer (so I was wondering on If I can be considered as a “freelance”) using the item for a single end product for one client.

You can transfer the license to the client to use the site but that will be the end website that you built using the theme and the client will not be able to access future updates or support.

Ok, how does theme updates work? I read about Enfold (the theme I want to implment) theme registration ( Theme Registration – Enfold Documentation ( that uses Envato api key, so this allows to access future updates directly from wordpress panel. If I’ll realize a website that I sell and I connect my token then there will be no other things to do, right?

You could use the envato plugin and input the purchase code there which would enable updates to happen from within the WP-admin.

This solves the update problem (unless the client has to run a fresh install ever) but as @123Simples said it’s better to have client buy their own theme because otherwise you are preventing them from having the initial 6 months support or being able to access or extend the support in the future