Freebies theme

Dear some one please tell me that i have got the freebies theme from envato so pleae tell me that can i edit the them like i wanna add my site logo and wanna change the colour of that theme so can i these things or not ? or can i use that theme in my wordpress site …

If you downloaded a freebie theme you can use it in the same way as you purchased it. You can make changes , such as changing logo, texts, colors etc.

If that freebie is a html template, then you can’t use it on WordPress.

Dear ThemeSLR thanks for answering me . now i want to know that i have got a freebies theme which is “simple article wordpress theme for personal blog file” and i want to remove the footer copyright text so please tell me that can i do that . because i got it in freebies offer. so tell me am i allowed to remove the footer copyright text… you can see the theme which i have got. By clicking on this url…" "

waiting for your reply

Basically if you use the theme on one domain you can change/remove any block, feature. As you know, because its a freebie item you don’t have support from its author.

Now, I suggest you to create a child theme from this theme(in case the theme doesn’t come with child theme you can use a plugin to generate it). Then simply copy trmplates from parent in child theme and change/modify them.