Freebies - Samplers and Sample Libraries

Yes, yes… I love you too, now get your ass HERE and start recording stuff and put here, you… you… “Exclusive Author” with no music on your page>

Shame on you ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh, just joking… but serious, put some music man.

Haha, I did…I’m just waiting for it to approve. Been 2 days. :slight_smile: Want me to do something with amplitube? haha.

Acoustic Samples have very nice samples, some expensive, some cheap (5$) and some free :slight_smile:

The quality is top.

DrumTaste Free

The DrumTAsteFree is a Rick Marotta Signature Hipgig drum set with paiste cymbals
80Mo of samples recorded at 16 bits, 44.1khz.

Custom mapping, you can assign every element to any key from the interface.

Mappings presets: GM, V-DRUMS, IMAP, NSKIT (NDK) or default one.
cc# controlled Hihat that features automatic closing sound.

2 Cycle round robins.

Sensitivity button to adjust the response.

Detailed instruments: 6 velocity layers per round robin

KONTAKT 2 or superior. Feel free to do you own mapping and sent it to us so we can add it to the downloads!

<a href"">Viby , free vibes

The Viby Vibraphone is a three octave Yamaha vibraphone

recorded with a Neumann U87

112Mo sample bank, no loops

One sample for each note

EXS24, KONTAKT2 format

TinySnare , free 12’ snare

The TinySnare is a 12’ snare drums

60Mo sample bank, no loops, snare only

150 samples 75 for right hand and 75 for left hand

recorded with a Neumann KM184 pair one up, one down

no equalization or treatment has been applied

EXS24, KONTAKT2 format

Thanks Tom for the link.
ore is not a sampler but can work as a sampler too. Actually Kore have several sound engines, including Absynth engine...
Anyway, here's another find:
Pettinhouse Free Samples

AcousticGuitar FREE for NI Kontakt
WarmJazzFREE for NI Kontakt
ClassicGuitarFREE for NI Kontakt
DirectBass 2.0 FREE for NI Kontakt
HumbuckerFREE for NI Kontakt
DirectGuitar 2.0 FREE for NI Kontakt
Vinyl Drumkits Electronic - Electro Dark Kit
Vinyl Drumkits Electronic - Electro House Kit
Vinyl Drumkits Electronic - Deep House Kit
Vinyl Drumkits Electronic - Modem Kit
Vinyl Drumkits Electronic - Trance Kit
Vinyl Drumkits Electronic - Spit Kit
Vinyl Drumkits Electronic - House Kit
Vinyl Drumkits Electronic - CASIO SK1
Vinyl Drumkits Electronic - Scratch kit
Vinyl Drumkits Electronic - RnB Soul
Vinyl Drumkits Electronic - Air Ambient
Vinyl Drumkits Electronic - C64
Vinyl Drumkits Electronic - Indastria
Brush kits for NI Battery and Kontakt
Vinyl RnB Drum kit
Garage Vinyl Full Kit for Kontakt 2
Vinyl Funky Drum kit
Vinyl Hammond for Kontakt 2
Yamaha kit for Battery and Kontakt
Pro MIDI patterns for jazz brush kit

Now that's quite an impressive list, isn't it ?
So, if you use a lot of those, I hope you'll donate something to keep them coming ;)

Unfortunately you cannot use any of these to make music for audiojungle though :frowning:

from the licence agreement:

“Samples and sounds can NOT be used for making music or sounds that will be licensed or sold as Library Music,
Sound Clips, or other Sampling products.”

"Samples and sounds can be used in any type of music production, for example: making records, remixes, commercials, jingles, commissioned pieces, soundtracks for film, theatre, musicals, computer games and multimedia.

You may modify the sounds.

Samples and sounds can NOT be used for making music or sounds that will be licensed or sold as Library Music, Sound Clips, or other Sampling products."

As I see, you can make music with them but you can’t sell them as separate samples (as someone here got the chimes sound from a VST or sample library and uploaded it).

I’m not sure about that, since it says “can NOT be used for making music or sounds that will be licensed or sold as Library Music”. It’s pretty clear :frowning:

Well… better ask him about.

Guess it’s better to be safe than sorry.

At least you can use those in your music and get an idea of how’s the quality of the commercial libraries (which are cheap and good) and not limited by this license.

Thanks Mihai! Incredible useful post!!

Bolder Sounds have a lot of very good quality samples for sale, covering the most popular samplers like Kontakt, Giga Sampler. EXS or Kurzveil.

Also they offer some of their samples for free, and not just a few. Probably their website is one of the biggest free resource for Kontakt samples.

On their free download page they have 13 products:

Bavarian Zither demo

Boom Whackers

DIY Music Box

Granular Gardening

Granular Slate Rocks


Harmonica Riffs

Medieval Psaltery

Soprano and Baritone African Marimbas

Suspended Slate Rocks Demo

Tibetan Singing Bowls Demo

Toy and African Marimbas

Toy Piano

Stumbled upon a really nice “home made” library.

The sounds are very interesting recording of plastic bottle, very well recorded. More info about and free download link HERE

Mihai, big thank you for this post!!!


A realy nice Thread and i appreciate the time spent on the research for free and good stuff by all of you.

What i can contribute is a website with realy nice sample in perfect quality. They are not for free, but each set has free samples / loops to download and as they have so many packages, you can get ahold of quite a few freebies.
They offer also very nice free tutorials for Reason / Logic / Live etc.

Have fun and check them out.

mihai, you wonderful person you…

Thanks everyone for feedback.

I’m glad to help and I hope some of you will put those freebies to a good purpose :wink:

I will post some more stuff a bit later, when I’ll gather more info. For now, you can check Mu.Lab which is a very nice DAW that have also a free version and two nice samplers (beside all the rest of plugins):

Sampla - simple sampler :smiley:

Drag & drop a sample on the display and play

Multisampla - advanced sampler with layering/ multisamples options.

There are several free packs also for Multisampla, check the news page of Mu.Lab :wink:

For more info about Mu.Lab plugins (synths and effects, see HERE)

Just found a new one, one very nice according to the reaction of other users.

I’m still downloading it but, as always, I have the urge to share with my brothers musicians (who are giving me such a nice feedback for this :slight_smile: )

Original Emulator II “Liquid Stack” Bank, FREE in Kontakt!

"The sound bank was originally distributed in 1986 on OMI’s first CDROM release “Universe of Sounds Volume I” for the Emulator II. This was located on OMI disk 1 under the heading “Expensive Synth Strings”. This was actually one of the first CDROMs ever made and OMI were instrumental in pioneering mass produced CDROM media. This was back in the days were most computers were nothing like fast enough to even write a CDROM at single speed, let alone at X28 speed!

Very sadly the CDROM drive used with the EII is bespoke and completely non-standard which means when these beasts die thats the end of it! "

So, go there already and get it !

Sonokinetic put several free soundbanks. The quality is amazingly good and for just subscribing you can get those.

One of the free libraries is the Tibetan Prayer Bowls

Performed and Recorded by Sonokinetic in 44.1 kHz ,24 Bit and available in Kontakt 2 (*or Higher) format. This “Tibetian prayer bowl” will provide a nice ‘hands-on’ and very usable set of samples.


1 small (higher sounding) prayer singing bowl in long, short, soft,medium and hard played articulations.

Played with a felt and wooden drumstick. (270 MB)

1 big (lower sounding) prayer singing bowl in long, short, soft,medium and hard played articulations.

Played with a felt and wooden drumstick. (134 MB)



“…In the 1960s, RMI introduced the first of its more famous keyboards: the Rock-Si-Chord, or ‘Rocksichord’ electric harpsichord. There were two primary versions of this, one with a single set of 8’ oscillators (the ‘100’ series), the other with 8’ and 4’ oscillators (the ‘200’ series).”

From an Article by Gordon Reid in Sound On Sound, Dec 2001 - ‘Prog Spawn’ .

The Rocksichord has been used by a staggering array of artists, including :

The Beach Boys (on Sunflower), Genesis, Dr. John, John Lennon, Stereolab (on Sound-Dust), Sun Ra, Terry Riley (on A Rainbow in Curved Air), Rick Wakeman (solo and with Yes), and Wilco (on A Ghost is Born).

Now it’s offered as a Kontakt patch, free download by Soniccouture


Sometimes KVR users make very interesting sample packs/ libraries. Here’s one of them:

Free Sample Pack - The Wooden Frog

Sampled-Things (24 bit, 44100, recorded dry):

-> Wooden Stick 01 (Stickside 1)

  • Scratches (Typical Instrument sound)
  • 6 Variations, 1 Velocity layer x 4-5 Round robin each. (26 Samples)
  • Quark (Up-down, down-up scratch)
  • 2 Variations, 1 Velocity layer x 8-10 Round robin each (18 Samples)
  • Hits (Top, side 1 and 2)
  • Top-hit, 4 velocity layers x 5-8 Round robin (27 Samples)
  • Side-hit-1, 4 velovity layers x 10 Round robin (40 Samples)
  • Side-hit-2, 4 velocity layers x 8-10 Round robin (37 Samples)
  • Effects
  • Short tremolo hit (bottom), 1 Velocity layer x 4 Round robin (4 Samples)
  • Slow, normal, fast and loud tremolo textures (bottom) (6 Samples)
  • Quarking tremolo textures (head) (3 Samples)
  • Click-noise-effects (4 Samples)
  • A nice bloob effect created by quickly removing the stick from the frogs mouth (1 Sample)

    -> Wooden Stick 02 (Stickside 2)
  • Scratches (Typical Instrument sound)
  • 1 Variation, 1 Velocity layer x 6 Round robin (6 Samples)
  • Quark (down-up scratch, softer than stick 01)
  • 1 Variation, 1 Velocity layer x 9 Round robin (9 Samples)
  • Effects
  • Quarking tremolo textures (head) (5 Samples)

    Altogether: 186 Samples - 67 mb. (~37mb packed)


    <a href=">DOCUMENTATION (pdf)

    small audio demo

A very nice sounding Kalimba patch for Shortcircuit (the free sampler presented on the first page) I found HERE


It loads in Shortcircuit 1 but in Shortcircuit 2 have some issues. Still, a great sounding instrument .

Wave Alchemy sell some very nice samples and if you are a registered user, you can have access to some free libraries.

Making an account is free.

On the FREE SAMPLES PAGE you can find:

606 Drums

606 Drums serves up 290 drum samples from Roland’s sought-after TR-606 drum machine. The included sounds feauture multiple round robin variations and velocity layers!

24-bit TR-606 analogue drum machine samples, including sampler patches for Kontakt & Battery 3

Club Kicks 2

Club Kicks 2 serves up 65 speaker shaking kick drum samples from Jomox’s famous AIRBase 99 drum machine.

65 wav files, 65 processed AIRBase 99 kick drum samples.

Odyssey FX

Odyssey FX provides 70 sound effects samples, glitch hits and weird retro noises from our ARP Odyssey analogue synthesizer.

70 wav samples, 70 sound effects samples, glitch hits and weird retro noises from the highly sought-after ARP Odyssey analogue synthesizer.

Drum Tools Teaser

150 wav exquisitely recorded, produced , 100% original drum hit samples.

Club Kicks

Club Kicks serves drum samples from Jomox’s famous analogue kick drum module. All sounds have been recorded through an API pre-amp.

150 wav files, 75 processed kick drum samples, 75 harmonically enhanced kick drums.

Sonokinetic Carillon

The Carillon is a musical instrument that is usually housed in a free-standing bell tower, or the belfry of a church or other municipal building. The instrument consists of at least 12 cast bronze cup-shaped bells, which are played serially to play a melody, or sounded together to play a chord.

The carillon is the heaviest of all musical instruments; the total weight of bells alone can be 100 tons in the largest instruments.

Sonokinetic sampled two original 17th century carillons. Two , one octave bell systems in two velocity layers.


-Two kontakt 4.1 patches: Carillon big & Carillon small

-70 wave files. 48kHz / 24 bit


-License agreement, dvd cover, demo and production photos