Freebies not free?

Went to get the 1st “freebie” today but see that it’s not free. What’s going on? I clicked on the download button, but then it’s asking me for CC and PayPal information… ???

Are you sure you didn’t click on the “buy” button instead of the “download it for free” button?

I clicked on the green “Download Free Mock-up Kit" button in the email…which took me to the purchase page. After reading your response, I went back and clicked on the gold-colored line ABOVE the “Download Free Mock-up Kit” button and it downloaded right away.


Strange that they would have two different links on the same page freebie offer.


Some people might need an extended license, which isn’t free, so they need to keep the option to download the free or paid for version. Or they might need more than one license.

And the free items (or those included in a bundle) usually do not have the support and the updates included. So maybe the Buy button is for those buyers who also want to buy the support part or to be sure they will have access to future updates…

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