freebies - February Featured Files 2019 - Set 2 unable to download

Just checking if anyone else is having trouble downloading these?

I am a huge fan of all Envato products and look forward to these emails, as they are a special treat! Today I was kinda bummed because it is not working for me.

The offer says “Discounts expire on the 27th February 2019 at 11pm AEDT”
and I was trying to download them by clicking on each individually but only has the purchase option. It’s Feb 27 at 7:35pm here in NC. Did I totally missed out on this?

They should still be working till March on Australia time. I was just setting the free files for March so maybe something happened? Let me look.


I’m still see the Download for Free button for all the February Free files. What are you seeing?

VideoHive Free File

Super strange. When I click on the individual file, it takes me to the regular purchase page.

Those I see. But these are the ones I don’t.

Feb 27 7:35pm in North Carolina is Feb 28 11:35 AM in AEDT (Australia). So unfortunately you missed the deadline for that specific set.

Ahh bummer, but now it makes more sense. Thank you for checking :blush: