Freebies doesn't appear in my downloads page


Weeks ago, I’ve dowloaded a ThemeForest theme as a freebie. I’ve installed in my wordpress site and activated it. But it ask me the license and, in my “downloads page” I just have a plugin that I’ve bought last month and that’s it.

What I don’t do correctly ?

Thank for your answer.

It’s freebie You don’t have license for the theme

Thanks for your answer.

I’m not sure to understand, is that mean that I can’t use the theme with all options ? For now, I don’t have very much options to customize (for exemple I can’t switch the Woohoo logo for mine).

Can you explain to me what the difference between have or not a license ? Is the freebie a demo ?

Thanks for your help.

Any item downloaded as “Freebie” of the month will NEVER appear in your “Downloads” list, as you didn’t actually purchase the item. You will also only have download access to the “Freebie” item during the month is is offered as “Freebie”, after which you will no longer be able to download it.

A “Freebie” is a fully functional item (or at least supposed to be), but since you get it for free, it does not include any author support or access to future updates, nor do you receive a license key. If those things are important to you, however, you should purchase the item once it is no longer offered as “Freebie”.

How do you install it then?

To my knowledge (and maybe someone from Envato should confirm that), every item sold on Envato (Themforest and CodeCanyon specifically) must be operational/functional without needing a license key. The license key should only be used for non-core related features such as auto-updates, premade templates, support and so forth.

The same way, plugins bundled with a theme work without needing a license key.

Thanks for this complete answer, I didn’t know all of this.

Finally I found the solution for the “missing options”, they were just at another place I thought they was (I’m not sure I am clear, I’m sorry, I’m French)

I just have a last question : If I want update this theme in the future, will I have to pay the full price or there is “update price” ?

Anyway, this theme is wonderful !