how to make a free track?

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English please?

I translated your line!
"How to make a free track"
Do you mean you want to share it for free?
Or to make it for free?

Что имеется в виду, как выбираются треки в “free file of this month”, нет?

Friend, this is the international community, so you should try to write in English (as it is the international language).
I am from Russia, too and my English is not so good, but the “Google Translator” often helps me.
Perhaps, sometimes its translation may seem to be strange, but people from different countries at least can get the main idea of the message.

What concerns your question, look here: Free File of the Month Nominations December 15

how to make a free track?

Thank you my friend)) instead of the translation of the text accidentally copied a set))) Salute!

You can’t set it for free. Envato set all pricese. but sometimes Envato chooses track of several that have been provided voluntarily.