Free Wordpress Installation

As far as I know this is not allowed …

So why this author is offering free installation ?

is it legal ? if yes I will do the same

This author is offering free demo installation not wordpress. But I think that is also not allowed.

I haven’t said wordpress installation, but yes is demo installation, so is it allowed or not ?

From my point of view this it goes into the category of custom work so it shouldn’t be allowed

Hey there, and thanks for letting us know. As far as I am aware the item must work as presented in the demonstration so the author can and must be able to offer the item as is shown in the demo. I believe this author is simply advertising the fact that he’ll install the product as shown in the demo, which as far as I know is fine! Cheers! :slight_smile:

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I didn’t said he did something wrong. I just wanted to find out if I can also do the same. I don’t have a theme importer yet, so that will help me alot, Thank you very very very much!

I know, I wasn’t saying he did anything wrong either, was simply explaining my thoughts on his reasoning and what the rules also say about these situations! Very, very very very glad to have helped! :smiley:

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