Free visual theme customizer framework for wordpress authors

Hey Guys,

I wrote a wordpress plugin “Yellow Pencil - Visual Theme Customizer” this plugin customize all theme typography and theme design by visual way.

You can try the plugin here.

Don’t add more theme options for typography, colors etc to your theme. Wordpress Themes not more need colors, font family etc options. Include Yellow Pencil to your theme with TGM Plugin Activation and so your theme will fully customizable. Its free!

ago 2days, I created free lite version so you can add this plugin to your themes for free. I Added this plugin to my all themes and this plugin make happy my customers and I have more sales.

If you need help, take a look to Plugin Documentation

Download Plugin From

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Supporting your plugin mate on by rating 5 stars.

Also, I will use this plugin for my next theme. I already had this in mind.

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Wow, you made awesome job. Don’t used it yet, but plugin looks very nice and more easy to use than Visual Composer or Live Composer plugins. You should have much more sales for it.

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Seems promising Mate! Greate job!

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Hi crelegand,

Thank you for your 5 stars rating, okay this perfect :smile:

Thanks you Dedalx, I’m hope :smile: you can use this plugin for your nex themes. Thanks!

Good work. :slight_smile: Looks nice I will try to add in next theme.

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Thank you codetracks :slight_smile:

Looks great. I’ve put this on my extremely long TODO list. :smile:

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Awesome ! Great Work

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Amaziiing…!!! :slight_smile:

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Its looks great, I will consider to use it in next project.

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I need to get some additional instructions on how to install this plugin…Can someone please help me? I have tried to install with the WP plugin installer and have also tried using the FTP upload option. Neither of them work…

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Can this be used with VC? Some of my private themes have VC already. I’m wondering how this plugin can add more value to me - I’m sure most VC users have this question. @WaspThemes - expecting a reply mate.

Hi I already sent you a message. :smile:


Yes brother, working with all page builders.

Thanks bro! I’ll purchase this for a theme of mine soon.

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I have several memberships sites for others to join my personal sites.

This is for using my websites only.

I am wanting to customize my registration forms on my site with Yellow Pencil CSS.

My question is: if I buy the YT CSS to customize my forms…
a) can i use the YT CSS on more than one form site-wide?
b) can I use the same YT CSS license on each of my other personal sites?

Thanks for your attention to this,