Free tool for editing Illustrator and In design files


Is there a free tool in order to edit Illustrator and In design files from evanto elements? Has any body tested it? I just want to change the wording, Nothing more.

Good afternoon!

Maybe Gimp or Inkscape.

Almost any alternative is likely to come with challenges or issues - this is advanced software and any “free” alternative might sort of work but often is more trouble than it’s worth

Thanks a lot for the answers.

I know GIMP but it doesnt seem to work very well with evanto elements (The text can not be edited). My suggestion for the friends who might have similar problems are the following :

  • Try to search in evanto elements graphics in the form of word. Although there is no filter about this and evanto should consider adding it you may type “the term you are intereted in [space] word” (ie business plan word)
  • You can easily edit ai files text (ie flyers) by converting them to docx. This works pretty smoothly.
  • You can edit indesign files only when a pdf version is provided by converting them to docx. It seems to work quite well - minor modifications might be needed.

I know that these are not the best solutions but they are the only ones I have fount so far.

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All Adobe applications costs $52.99 / mo. You will waste your time trying to edit files using free tools. Especially when the files are created using the latest Adobe versions.

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Hi. Just a suggestion. Maybe you can try to download a trial version of the adobe illustrator or adobe indesign and edit the files that way or hire a fiverr designer that can do it for you. Also that will depend on the files that you have and how soon you need it.