Free Themes are not Installing, 503 Error

I am facing a “503 Service Unavailable” error when I want to upload the themes which are gifted for free this month by Envato also named as “Freebies”. At the same time and circumstances, I don’t have any problem while installing the theme I’ve purchased in the first place: “Kallyas”.
The problem occurs when I try to install the free themes such as: Kyoto, Rabbit, Sigma, Essential, Tokoo, Lordcros. It starts uploading the file, and crashes with the 503 error in the middle of the upload.

I am sure that I’m uploading the right .zip file. And there’s no problem with Kallyas, I have installed and am using it problem free.

It would be very helpful if someone could explain why I’m facing issues with the free ones.

Try FTP to upload the files. Most likely, your server upload limit issue.

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Solved it using FileZilla. Thanks!