Free Theme (but Broken)

I’ve seen a lot of complaints about the latest September “freebie” called Restaurant Dannys. Of course it’s unrealistic for the author to offer free support for a theme that is downloaded tons of times for free, but is it common for Envato to offer a free theme that doesn’t work? If you read the comments it appears that either the theme does not install or needs a license key to even work.
I am curious for those that may have more experience in Envato’s Monthly “freebies” to know if this is a common trend?


If you check any free file you will see:
This item is September’s Free File of the Month!
By downloading this item, you agree to the terms of the Regular License. Support and updates are not provided for free files.

License only for purchased item. So for getting license and 6 months included support (from the item author) will need to purchase a license.


Item Support No Longer For Free File!

Yes - I see that… But I would expect a developer, would want to make sure if people are downloading the file, that it would actually work (even at a limited basis)… Why would I download a free file, find out it is broken, and then buy it in hopes it would work??? I’m also surprised this made it pass Envato’s testing…