Free September Themes

I just downloaded the free September themes but I can only install the main theme without demos and plugins etc. Am I installing the themes wrong or is it that the free package works this way?

You can check the documentation. You should be able to access it

I cannot access the Documentation folder. It says “The directory name is invalid.”

Re-download the file. It seems/sounds like broken

Thank you let me try that.

I re-downloaded the theme and it still did not work.

Only thing redable is a pdf saying “Licensor’s Author Username: theme_bubble Licensee: The bearer Item Title: Animo – Creative & Clean Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Item URL: Item ID: 16019051 Item Purchase Code: FREE Purchase Date: 2018-08-31 01:11:40 UTC”

I just downloaded the file. Everything works fine and I can access the documentation without any problem

Okay thanks. I will try clear my cache and try again. I will let you know. Thank you.