Free Music Fingerprinting Idea

Idea for do-it-yourself audio fingerprinting (a bit captain obvious but l’m wondering if there’s any drawbacks hence l’m posing the idea here):

  • Create own website
  • Upload your own hand-drawn LFO waveform, in high resolution. Maybe also turn it into a hashmark.
  • Wayback machine will verify when it was uploaded
  • Add this hand-drawn LFO waveform to your tracks
  • Gated filters will reveal it


  • Different people may chance upon creating the exact same LFO
  • Someone might discover your webpage and steal your LFO(s) and thus wreak havoc
  • How do you prove a snippet of audio, if t(snippet) < t(LFO waveform) ? (t = length of time)
  • What if Wayback machine somehow misses your exact upload date?
  • What if Wayback machine crashes or gets its servers stolen or something
  • What if the courts of your country say Wayback machine means nothing?
  • What if the courts of your country say you need to talk to the courts of the culprit’s country, not your country