Free Files of the Month

I got the following link:

Does that mean that I can download them free?
It says only valid till the end of the month, today, but all it does is to place them in the basket, no free download…
Is this for real or a trick?

@CocoBasic is that the case - it’s until the 4th now?

I thought it was until the end of the month and it is currently 6am on Nov 1st in Australia (where it is based on)


My bad. It is until the end of month - you are right. It has expired.


I’ll update the collections page today for this month’s free files :grin:


Thanks everyone, I look forward to the next batch of freebies…


It seems there has been a repetitions of October free files in November files. Has things changed in handling this? Please kindly check or advice. Thanks

The freebies of the month November are the same as October. However I am not able to download them. When I click on an item, it takes me to the product page and I can only click “add to cart”, “buy now” oder “download preview”. How do I download the freebies? Thanks in advance.

They are just updating - the new ones will be there very soon


Hi @cingrosso!

That collection page ( now contains the current free files for all our marketplaces. You can click on each item individually, and you’ll see a green “download this item for free” button on the item listing.

Due to a quirk in how our Collection pages work, the “add to cart” button in collections won’t work with free files - so you will need to download them from their individual item pages.

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@einlosen and @MPetrasch - there has been a problem updating the “November free files” block that appears on our homepages, and so it’s currently still showing links to the October items. Our developers are working on a fix, but it’s currently a public holiday here in Melbourne - so there may be a delay before the correct items are displaying on the market homepages.

In the meantime, you can see the current November freebies here:

The correct November lineup should be:

  • Vrocket (ThemeForest)
  • WooCommerce Advanced Request a Quote (CodeCanyon)
  • Medical Logo Reveal (VideoHive)
  • In Swing (AudioJungle)
  • Space Dark PowerPoint (GraphicRiver)
  • Happy couple jogging in sunset (PhotoDune)
  • iPhone 5s (3DOcean)

Thanks very much! :slight_smile:

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I have the same problem

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