"Free Files of the Month" ?

My brother got an email with a link for “Free Files of the Month” - I didn’t get the email but he sent me the link to that collection.

The thing is… the items in that collection are not free - at least for me. I was logged in, but still - no freebis. How do I get that monthly email too and how do I get the stuff for free like my bro does? :slight_smile:

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in that page you will see a list of free items. open items one by one in another tab it will take you the item page there you will get options ‘Download it for free’ button at top of right side. use that button to download.



Hi there I’m not getting “Download it for free” button…
would you please, help me?

thank you

@andrespinilla You can see it in each item page like this https://prnt.sc/t9lnoa

when you checked then already month July in Australia, so envato team need to assign new items for July. Please check now you will see new items offered for this month. Thanks

Thank you Sir, I think envato should use UTC 00:00 time to be clear to everyone… Sydney time is hours ahead, besides that, the files were still posted as free files of the month… It would be more elegant to keep the free download till after change the pages (grab frre files of the month and collections)

even if for a few hours the 2 months overlapped …