Free File of the month?

How do I add one of my sound FX’s to the Free File of the Month consideration list? If one exists?


Hi @KingDog, Do you have any updates for us?

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Hi @JayPDC,
They went back to forums posts, here it is: Free File of the Month Nominations October ‘15
Good luck!

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I received an e-mail marketing with a offer to download free files, but they have a price. How can I download it for free ?

Hi @duda3112! Simply go to the item page and look out for the “Download it for free!” button. It looks like this and it’s located on the right-hand side of the page:


This only appears on the page of items that are free. To see all Free Files for the current month, go to any Envato Market home page (e.g. and scroll down to the Free files section. It looks like this:

Enjoy, and be sure to thank the author giving away the free item! :star: