Free File of the Month January '16 Nominations

i like it my friend :wink: sadly i am not thinking that they will have two lookalike party flyers in a raw … when Vallo / Stormclub was featured in the last edition i had never seen a flyer being given as a free file of the month for abut two years …

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i wish u good luck Andrea, u deserve to get the spotlight :wink:

great item as usual buddy , u deserve the nomination indeed :wink:

We hope this time… :smile:

Creative - Joomla Template

This is my best selling joomla template. :smile:

We are 4 years on audiojungle and we noticed that the music logo has never been free file month. Maybe it’s time to stop this tradition :slight_smile: We would like to nominate this logo or this

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Here are my nominations for free file of the month January 2016:

Hello everybody! Here are my tracks!