Free file of the month - in context of sales.

What do you think about “Free file of the month”. Do you think it can increase sales? I’m not sure if it increases the visibility of free item and I’m not sure about the impact on the whole sales model.

As for my humble opinion, yes, it’s controversial issue. Never know who wins the marketplace or author.

I had a file featured as the free file of the month. It received lots of comments, and I had more sales of other tracks in my portfolio for that month because being featured increases your visibility. When the month ended, back to business as usual.

I think receive comments could be important… customers like to read positive things about this track.

@promosapien thanks for sharing your experience. Could you estimate in percents how much your sales increased?

It was several years ago, @RedOctopus, and I can’t recall the percentages. I had probably only been uploading to AJ for a couple years at the time. I thought it was worth it, though. Anything that gives you some extra exposure helps. And back then, things were very different at AJ than they are now. The number of authors and uploads has increased dramatically. It has become far more difficult to get your work heard by buyers.

When the track was chosen as the free file of the month, my portfolio was much smaller. I’m sure the sales bump I had for that month felt pretty great. Whether it was actually that significant by somebody else’s standards, though, I’m not so sure. I do recall being disappointed when the end of that month came and things returned to normal, because when I first received the email that my track had been chosen, I thought “This is it! This is where I begin to sell a ton of licenses!”

It didn’t quite work out exactly like that. :grinning:

You are right @MusicLFiles. It certainly can’t hurt to have people write nice comments about your tracks. Every little bit helps!

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Who cares? You get the damn badge! :smile:

True enough, but when it comes to badges, this is the free file of the month badge:
and it’s not quite the accomplishment that this one is:
If given the choice, most would prefer to see the 2nd badge on their profile page.


Sure, but the more badges you have, the better author you are. Remember that, this the gold rule.