Free Envato Themes: Dannys Restaurant

Hi Guys,

I get in August the Wordpress-Theme: Dannys Restaurant for free. Now i want to activate it on my website but it doesnt function. In my Downloads in Envato aren´t it - how can i collect it into these?

And… Hogash says I doesn´t have any products of there…

Please help me!

Nice Greetings

Free files don’t go into the downloads page nor come with support or updates, so you wouldn’t be able to download it again now.

What do you mean by it “doesn’t function”?

Hi Charlie,

thanks for your message. I want to activate the Theme on my Website for Licensing - but I cant find the option for generating an activationkey because in my envato login is´nt this theme.

The theme should work without needing to activate it.

It won’t be in your downloads if you are using the envato plugin but if you downloaded the theme then you should still be able manually upload it

Usually the activation is only for the purpose of auto updates etc which are not included with the free files.

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