[FREE] Envato Real-Time Analytics - PHP Script


As I approach the 3.000 sales mark I would like to give something back to the community. I’ve made a free php script that can track visitors in real-time on your Envato product page, profile or comment section (or basically any other website).

It’s called DS Analytics and it’s built with Laravel5 (PHP/MySQL). You just need to add one line at the bottom of your page (image tracking pixel) and that’s it, analytics will start working. Since Envato has started using proxy for hosted images you may need to host DS Analytics on https for better accuracy (you can easily get https via CloudFlare for free).

Anyway, enjoy using it and please add some feedback if you like.

Demo & Download: http://interactive32.com/getdsa

Note: the script is based on one of my bigger project but I won’t mention name or link here for self-promotion.


Nice work. Thanks for sharing

Great work

Wow, nice, thanks for sharing

Got this setup now - works great. Nice interface.

Thanks guys, I’ve just updated this to support sql strict mode which is btw default in MySQL 5.7

Let’s add another tracking pixel here…

…see you on the map!