[FREE] Envato Dashboard (and a little more) After Effects script

Hi, VideoHive folks!

Some time ago I was playing around with ExtendScript and Envato API and decided to make something out of both :slightly_smiling:

As the result, I built a little script that consists of a productivity timer (if you heard about a thing called “Pomodoro” - that’s the thing) and a little Envato dashboard.
Now when scripts Most Wanted contest is closed there are a lot of new amazing scripts out there, but unlike all of them, this one is free :slight_smile:

Here’s what it looks like:
Timer tab:

Envato tab:

Settings tab:


"Pomodoro" timer

  • Configurable run time, long and short breaks and number of runs before long breakfore long break
  • Alerts when timer is finished

Envato dashboard

  • Username, balance and last sale date at the top
  • Weekly VideoHive trending tags
  • Last sale details (item name, date sold, earned amount and total sales for this item)
  • Link currently open project to Envato item and see individual stats (name, total sales, price and VideoHive link)
  • Recent sales (for last 30 days or last 50 sales)
  • “My Items” with details for each (item name, price, total sales, appropriate site link, last update date and “days online” and tags
  • “Item just sold” notification


  • Display random inspirational quote :slightly_smiling:

More screenshots

My Items:

NOTE: If you have a loooot of items, this section may not load them all due to Envato API limitations

Trending tags:

Link item to current project:

Recent sales:

How to set up

Download the script

Then unzip it and copy Productivist.jsx (didn’t think much about the name :innocent:) and ProductivistData folder to Scripts folder inside your After Effects installation folder and restart After Effects.
Then you’ll be able to launch script from File>Scripts>Productivist.jsx

In order to use the script you’ll need Envato API key. Without it, all Envato-related features will be disabled.
You can obtain API key here.

Script doesn’t require all permissions, only those checked on screenshot below:

Paste generated API key into Settings tab and restart script.
It’ll take some time to pull all data from Envato, and you’ll see small “Loading” dialog. Once it’s done, script will launch and start updating your data every 5 minutes and will notify you if new sale just happened.


Settings are pretty simple:

  • Envato API key field
  • Show inspirational quotes or not
  • Save and Reset buttons

Linking opened project to Envato item

If you’re working on a project that is on sale now on VideoHive, and want to see it’s stats from After Effects, click “Connect to Envato Item” on “Envato” tab.
A list will pop up, where you can select corresponding Envato item. Once selected, restart script and you’ll see current project stats.
NOTE: This feature works based on project file names. If you rename the file, link will break and no stats will be shown,

Inspirational quotes

To get new quote, click on quote text :slightly_smiling:


Script is provided for free under MIT license which means you can use it, modify, use it’s code for your own work, sell your own work, etc. Just be sure to include original license file if you redistribute it :slightly_smiling:

Also, due to some weird Envato API behaviour when querying it from ExtendScript, script works via custom-built gate which is also open-source and can be found right here on my GitHub. It’s a small Node.js (Express) app that mirrors requests from script to Envato, handles, filters and processes raw response and returns nicely filtered data to script.

The End

Well, that’s about it. Any questions, suggestions and comments are welcome :slightly_smiling: